COMPANY JAVEDI d.o.o. is a web-design and software development company

COMPANY JAVEDI d.o.o. is a web-design and software development company.
We specialize in development for iOS and OS X and Android platforms. In addition, we create websites of all complexity levels.
As a development studio, we offer support in software development projects: planning and managing a project, providing experts necessary to the objectives of a project and creating professional development team to accomplish the project’s requirements. First-class experts. We are a team of professionals from various fields of the IT industry. Our core team includes professional software developers, managers, technical writers and designers. Most of our team members have over 10 years of experience in developing software products.

We help you identify more opportunities for growing your business

We help you identify more opportunities for growing your business. We are proud of our advanced proven skills in creating great ideas. Yet we are happy to share those ideas with you, our customer. If we identify an untapped opportunity of promoting or improving your product or your business, then we’ll share it with you. We pride ourselves in developing a partnership with our clients for the long term.

We have a highly ethical approach to our business

We have a highly ethical approach to our business. Working with an outsource software development company can be challenging and we are aware of that. On occasion you can find yourself in a situation when you may want to replace your contractor and your software practically disappears as all the code remains with the software development partner. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work, we will provide you with all the work that has been done for you. Dedicated team. Working with us is a gratifying experience for our clients because we don’t transfer you from one department to another.  You will receive a dedicated Project Manager to oversee all the workflow from start to finish.

If you are looking for a outsource software development partner – feel free to request a Free Quote for your project or contact us today!

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