Frequently asked questions

Which CMS (Content management system) do you use?

We use WordPress CMS for the majority of our website development projects. WordPress CMS allows creating websites of any complexity level. In addition it makes adding content easy by using 3rd party services and software for publishing content. This CMS has simple easy to use interface which allows our clients to take over the website administration and configuration after the initial development and setup. As a WordPress website owner, you will be able to easily add new articles, update product prices, post and edit graphical content, including image galleries. WordPress websites are stable and light on resources as well well optimized for mobile platforms. The webiste you are currnetly view is also built on WordPress CMS.


Can I get additional info and order the website development on the internet?

For sure! Please send us your email along with your answers to the questionnaire via the website’s contact form. We will send you a detailed feedback and will be able to coordinate the work via email. You can request the invoice and commercial contract to be sent by post.


Why do I need a website? Are social media pages and 3rd party ads not sufficient for business growth?

Presenting your business on the internet has become an absolute necessity nowadays. Your website and online advertising significantly raise interest to your business on the local or global market. Online presence helps eliciting trust from many clients. Every successful firm has its own website. Creating and maintaining social media pages is, surely, a nice PR technique. However, it usually complements a carefully designed website. A website becomes your company’s face on the internet. In contrast to social media pages, you have the freedom to present any content on a website in a unique and purposefully designed way.


Do I need to optimize my website or is simply publishing it on the internet enough to attract visitors and grow my business?

In order for a website to get high ranking in Google and other search engines it requires a lot of knowledge and creativity from both your and our side. Search engines try to rank each website as high as it deserves. Therefore, you need to invest considerable effort in preparatory work, including creating the logo, articles, and regular updates about your company. And that is besides careful web and graphical design, getting external links from highly-ranked websites, optimizing the website on a basic and, if necessary, deep level, initial keyword analysis and other activities, all of which will improve the website’s visibility on the internet. These procedures usually take a considerable amount of time though. Of course, you could promote your business via Google AdWords or other ad networks. It helps but it sure is not cheap and does not give instant results. The competition in online advertising is increasing year by year. Any business would find it difficult to achieve success without having a quality informational resource. So, if you still don’t have a website don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we would be happy to help you with its design and development.

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