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Mina Kunstelj is a qualified social pedagogue by education, but a musical and fairy-tale creator at heart and an interpreter of sound and voice in her own right, who combines her musical creation and re-creation with the heritage of folk singing from various musical traditions. He cooperates with many associations and educational institutions in Slovenia, and in his work he combines pedagogical, therapeutic and musical creation. During the period of its activity, it performed over 200 audio fairy tales for children, about 150 music-pedagogical workshops in educational and other institutions, and it also devotes itself to vulnerable groups and senior citizens. With her unusual interest in music and creation, she weaves ties around the world – she trained with various creators and teachers of sound and movement, and found her refuge with the teacher of silence. She received the ancient knowledge of sound healing, which gave her work a special stamp, from her teacher Zinaida Tanishevna Tirisova from the Siberian Altai. Mina Kunstelj uses her voice as a healing tool – a tool we all have but have forgotten how to use – and teaches how to connect with your roots and reawaken the wisdom of your own body. Breath, voice and movement are means of expression through which her soul is most easily realized. Sacred songs, original texts and audio fairy tales are created in it with the aim of awakening the heart and connecting with the cosmic order, rhythms of nature and natural intelligence, which leaves no doubt about the divine presence.

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Client: Zvok Tišine - Mina Kunstelj


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