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Vlasta Mlakar, born 18 January 1968 in Ljubljana, is a geographer and ethnologist by education. In 1994 she graduated from the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana with a thesis on Folk Knowledge of the Plant World, which was the result of her many years of personal interest and study of medicinal herbs. In 2002, she conceived a comprehensive original project entitled Blagajana and other flowers of (g)paradise, in which she presented a programme for the revitalisation of the cultural monument Polhograjska Graščina. Her professional research and activities have increasingly deepened in the field of ethnobotany. As an independent cultural worker, she has published numerous semi-professional articles on ethnobotanical traditions and cultural heritage. Between 2006 and 2012, she was an editor at Mladinska knjiga publishing house, where she worked on some of the largest national lexicographic projects (the Great Slovenian Biographical Lexicon, Slovenika – the Slovenian National Encyclopaedia) and edited in the field of tourism (Wonderful Horizons of Slovenia, Trails for All Days, Great Atlas of Slovenia).

Since 2013, she has been self-employed in culture again as an author, editor and writer. Committed to ethnology and Slovenian culture, she has been working on topics and issues such as the evaluation of concepts of natural and cultural heritage, tradition and identity for applied upgrading in various fields of culture, rural development topics and, in particular, research on Slovenian ethnobotanical tradition; she has also worked on folk knowledge of the plant world for the Slovenian Ethnological Lexicon (2004). – WORKS: Tea, 2000; Intangible Cultural Heritage (co-author), 2006; One Hundred Family Trips around Slovenia, 2006; Ancient Fairy Tale Celebrations through the Zodiac Calendar, 2007; The Swallow Girl and Other Stories, 2008; Potato Soldiers and the Cultural History of Potatoes (co-author), 2011; The Plant is Sacred, from Root to Flower (2015).

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