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The family-run business, Vila Antik, is located in Koseza 24, eight kilometres from Jelšan, the border crossing between Slovenia and Croatia.
The building was renovated in 2020. Vila Antik has one single room, three double rooms and a motorbike group room with eight beds. Two toilets and two bathrooms cater for guests’ sanitary needs. There is a large car park behind the building for visitors and guests staying at Villa Antik. The hostel is open all year round. The villa’s bar serves hot and cold drinks all days of the week, except Mondays. In the annexe, next to the Villa, the Collectors’ Association “Old Chest” has many things that collectors love.

There are several restaurants in the vicinity of Villa Antik where guests can satisfy their hunger and thirst. The centre of Ilirska Bistrica is a good kilometre from the Villa, as are a health centre, a sports park, a shopping centre and a train and bus station.
A good half-hour’s drive from the Villa, Sviščaki is set in the middle of forests and is the starting point for a climb to the 1796-metre-high Snežnik, from which you can admire the Gulf of Rijeka and the nearby islands, as well as Europe’s largest coniferous forest.
From Sviščaki, you can hike through the Javorníky mountain range to Snežnik Castle, Babne Polje, Lake Cerknica, Slivnica, where the coprnice used to gather, and more.

To the west of Vila are the Brkini Mountains, low hills with beautiful stone houses, friendly people, great fruit and even better food.
If you turn a little further north, you’ll quickly reach Pivka, a large military museum where you can see mainly military equipment, from submarines and tanks to planes and old fortifications on the nearby hills. We should not forget to mention Postojna with its famous Postojna Cave.
To the south of the Villa is the Opatija Riviera, with its beautiful sea and old buildings. To the south-east of Opatija, the road to Dalmatia opens up, all the way to Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Albania. In short, you can spend a few wonderful days, if not a whole holiday, in Villa Vila Antik and the surrounding area.


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