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Who and What is Kingdom Products? A Brand is Born!

The concept of Kingdom Products took root in September 2021, conceived by founder and lifelong entrepreneur, Candace Benton. This period coincided with the onset of global awareness about COVID-19 and the realization that online shopping was becoming an enduring trend. Kingdom Products emerged as a response to the evolving landscape of consumer behavior.

How We Think About Our Brand

Candace built and continues to build the Kingdom Products brand on three fundamental concepts:

People Before Profit: Kingdom Products is dedicated to providing access to quality products that fulfill practical needs. The aim is to foster customer satisfaction, joy, and loyalty, with a commitment to creating a positive experience.

Profits for People: Candace believes in utilizing profits for the betterment of society. Kingdom Products partners with organizations worldwide, directing 100% of its profits toward initiatives that enhance the quality of life for those in need. Visit www.sleeptighttonight.org for details on the non-profit collaborations.

Progressive Perfection: Perfection, for Kingdom Products, is viewed as a dynamic journey rather than a static state. Each product release strives for perfection through the use of premium materials and collaborations with individuals and entities dedicated to quality.

Kingdom Products is committed to delivering the best products to people globally, working with teams in Slovenia, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, China, America, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam to understand diverse market needs.

Who Makes Kingdom Products an Excellent Brand?

Candace Benton, residing in California and a clinical therapist by profession, is the visionary behind Kingdom Products. Co-owner of Serrenity Recuperative Care, Inc. in Los Angeles, Candace focuses on housing solutions for the homeless, embodying the ethos of “People Before Profit.”

Shopping should feel good.

Candace believes that shopping should evoke positive feelings. Kingdom Products is a reflection of her passion for shopping, rooted in experiences that go beyond transactions. She values companies that not only deliver quality products but also contribute to making the world a better place.

In 2023, Candace had the good fortune of meeting and joining forces with Elida Dobrinja, bringing a wealth of experience from her background with Amazon. Together, they aim to elevate Kingdom Products to new heights, ensuring excellence, excitement, and affordability for customers.

Keep an eye on Kingdom Products for upcoming ventures, including the 2024 Christmas Store, 2025 Easter Store, and the launch of “Kingdom Klasses,” a platform to guide individuals on becoming successful Amazon sellers.

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